Quetzal Visions

Juan Quetzal is a visionary artist who has utilized art as a mechanism to reclaim his indigeneity. Born to a family of natives severed from their tribe, Quetzal has sought to use the power of creation as a means for healing. Possessing indigenous roots in Central America, as well as with the Tiwa and Piro, Quetzal’s art work acts as a conduit that connects himself to his indigenous heritage, acting as shining light to show that indigenous peoples are still here. 

Utilizing painting, sculpting and interactive art installations, Quetzal’s creations are rooted with the intention to provide medicine to himself and others. Possessing a clinical background, Quetzal perceives art as a form of therapy. Each creation is conjured with the purpose to heal viewers on a subconscious level, to shine light on the darkest parts of the soul.  

Driven by the passion of organizing and building community, Juan Quetzal strives to reshape the image of Las Vegas. Having the honor of being a board member and resident artist for the Love Yourself Foundation, as well as being a core member of the Nuwu studios, Quetzal has made active efforts to change the perception of what it means to live in Las Vegas. Showing that Vegas goes far beyond neon lights.

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